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Many companies in the pharmaceutical realm feel that Quality is inherent given the nature of the product. At Pharma Source Direct, we couldn’t disagree more. As one of the core concepts of Pharma Source Direct’s company foundation, Quality isn’t just a department, it’s a way of life. We feel that achieving Quality is not a singular event but an ongoing series of events that shapes every process we develop and implement; continuous improvement being one of our Quality Department’s primary goals.

Pharma Source Direct is an FDA a registered repackager and a DEA licensed wholesaler and importer. Strict compliance with cGMP/ICH Q7 is non-negotiable at Pharma Source Direct. We only work with FDA registered manufacturers who undergo a rigorous supplier qualification process with Certificates of Analysis available for every product. All material is repackaged in ISO 6 cleanrooms and quality released. Furthermore, Pharma Source conducts container performance testing on all of our enclosures while our chemicals receive long term stability, analytical, and endotoxin testing, all to give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Pharma Source Direct, Inc is a proud recipient of the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy® (NABP®) Drug Distributor Accreditation.

Drug Distributor

Pharma Source Direct – The Gold Standard
in Pharmaceutical Compounding Wholesale Quality.

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