Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Matt BIO

Matthew Johnson – President/CEO

Matthew is a proud Colorado native whose journey in the compounding pharmaceutical wholesale industry has been shaped by meaningful experiences. Starting from the bottom, he gradually worked his way up, eventually finding himself in the honor of serving as an executive at a former international wholesale corporation. With a professional background in telecom engineering, Matthew embarked on a 20-year career in pharmaceuticals, driven by a passion for continuous improvement and perpetual learning.  Throughout his career, Matthew’s path was marked by valuable lessons learned from working with local and international colleagues, as well as working side by side with his childhood friend and business partner, Jason. These interactions exposed him to diverse management and business styles, contributing significantly to his professional growth and development. Despite these achievements, he remains genuinely humbled by the opportunities that have come his way.

Outside the business realm, Matthew finds immense joy in the simple pleasures of life. Cooking, fishing, gardening, and cherishing quality time with family are the moments he holds closest to his heart. Matthew and his lovely wife of 20 years, Emily, have three beautiful daughters, all of whom occupy his love and attention when he is not focused on work. Embodying the values of balance, logic, and love, his personal interests align with his professional pursuits.  Matthew’s primary goal is to support and uplift those around him. Witnessing others grow and flourish in their endeavors brings him happiness and fulfillment.

Jason BIO

Jason Dassinger – Vice President/CFO

With a legacy spanning 25 years in the pharmaceutical compounding wholesale industry, Jason stands as a seasoned professional and a driving force behind Pharma Source Direct, Inc. Jason’s journey into the world of pharmaceuticals began alongside his mother, Bonnie Dassinger, who founded B&B Pharmaceuticals. Her unwavering commitment ignited Jason’s passion, setting him on a path of continuous learning and growth.

A true entrepreneur at heart, Jason embraces every opportunity to expand his knowledge of the industry. His leadership role at Pharma Source has been deeply fulfilling and he is incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work alongside his lifelong friend and business partner Matthew Johnson.

Beyond the boardroom, Jason finds balance by indulging in his diverse interests. An avid motorcyclist, he takes to the open road to clear his mind and find inspiration. Golfing provides him with a different kind of challenge and relaxation, while his penchant for outdoor activities and hands-on work keeps him grounded. In the moments when he’s not immersed in the world of pharmaceuticals or pursuing his hobbies, Jason can be found engrossed in the pages of a captivating book.

While Jason is a stalwart in the realm of pharmaceuticals, his roles as a husband and a father are just as important to him. His loving partnership with his amazing wife and his dedication to his four children exemplify the values he brings to both his personal and professional life.

Mike BIO

Mike Maccarone – Director of Quality

Michael is the Director of Quality at Pharma Source Direct. His unwavering dedication and expertise have been integral to helping build our company’s success. After attaining a B.S. in Biology from the University of Tennessee, Michael began his career by performing laboratory testing in the blood and plasma banking industry before expanding his expertise to pharmaceutical manufacturing and wholesale.

As the Director of Quality, he shoulders the vital responsibility of ensuring the quality of all our products and spearheads the development, implementation, and continuous improvement of our robust Quality Management System (QMS). With a levelheaded and logical approach, Michael deftly navigates the challenges of a start-up venture, ensuring that our company consistently meets regulatory requirements and exceeds customer expectations.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Michael spends weekends hiking around Denver with his fiancée. They moved to Colorado from South Carolina in 2019 and frequently travel to explore national parks in the Western U.S.

Michael’s expertise, dedication, and focus are cornerstones of our company’s vision and mission. His unwavering commitment to excellence drives us forward, ensuring that each product and process is a testament to the quality we deliver to our valued customers.

Christian BIO

Christian Hahn – Marketing Manager

Christian is an accomplished professional and true advocate for pharmaceutical compounding with over a decade of expertise in the wholesale industry. He currently serves as the Marketing Manager at Pharma Source Direct.

With an acumen for marketing, sales, production, order fulfillment, and budgeting, Christian is a true jack-of-all-trades within his organization. His contributions extend to management of social media and email communications, managing the company’s website, and orchestrating Pharma Source Direct’s participation in industry tradeshows and events. Christian LOVES a good spreadsheet!

Christian has a true passion for customer service and, as an ambassador for the Pharma Source brand, continually strives to provide unique solutions that meet client needs in hopes of fostering mutually beneficial, long-standing business relationships.

Born in Denver, Christian is still a proud resident of Colorado. A self-taught musician having learned to play guitar and bass as a teenager, he regularly performs with his rock band in Denver and the surrounding areas. In his free time, Christian also enjoys quality moments shared with family and friends, trips to live music venues, and embarking on exploratory adventures with his loyal puppy companion Roxanne – a beautiful Labrador/American Pitbull mix.

Lisha BIO

Lisha Baurkot – Operations Manager

Lisha is the Operations Manager at Pharma Source Direct. Lisha oversees all aspects of procurement, repackaging, and shipping operations, ensuring the smooth functioning of the organization.

Born and raised in Easton, PA, Lisha’s journey in the world of science and management began at Moravian College in Bethlehem, PA. In 2014, she earned her B.S. in Biology, along with a minor in Ethics. Lisha ventured to Colorado in 2015, where she embraced the Rocky Mountain lifestyle. For over seven years, she served as the Operations Manager for an ISO 17025 accredited analytical testing facility.

Whether it’s hiking, skiing, or simply breathing in the fresh air, nature holds a special place in Lisha’s heart. Beyond that, she cherishes her regular yoga practice. Lisha’s home life is enriched by the company of her two adorable chihuahuas, Chewy and Lola. As a caring and dedicated pet owner, she ensures they receive all the love and attention they deserve.

With her extensive experience, passion for excellence, and a well-rounded lifestyle, Lisha brings a perfect blend of expertise and personal touch to her role as Operations Manager. Her commitment to efficiency, integrity, and the pursuit of balance sets her apart, making her an invaluable asset to the organization.


Ian McBride – Sales Manager

Ian is the Sales Manager at Pharma Source Direct. Ian is a dedicated sales professional with a wealth of experience spanning over eight years in the industry.  Leading his sales team, Ian places an emphasis on relationship building and customer service, constantly seeking to understand and address client needs with tailored solutions.  Throughout his career, Ian has been humbled by the opportunities to work with incredible teams and clients, and he cherishes the trust they have placed in him,

Beyond his professional pursuits, Ian finds joy in golfing, hiking, and just enjoying the great outdoors with his daughter.  These activities not only provide him with relaxation and rejuvenation but also reflect his dedication to building strong connections both at work and in his personal life.  Ian remains grateful for the supportive network of colleagues and peers in the compounding industry which has played a vital role in his continuous growth and development.

Emily BIO

Emily Johnson – Office Manager

Emily is the Office Manager with a wealth of experience in diverse fields. Hailing from the scenic landscapes of Colorado, she has always carried a piece of her Long Beach, NY roots with her. Emily’s educational background in nursing has laid a foundation of empathy and compassion in her professional journey. She met her husband Matt in high school and has 3 beautiful daughters who keep her busy outside of work.

Having traversed paths in nursing, event planning, and the realm of non-profit grief support, including her time at Heartlight Center, Inc, Emily’s career has showcased her remarkable versatility. She most recently served as a funeral director, where she gained invaluable insights into the human experience during difficult times. Emily’s genuine passion for caring for others shines through, as she dedicates herself to ensuring the best care for all of Pharma Source’s employees and customers.

Mason BIO

Mason Green – Account Manager

Mason is a highly skilled Account Manager with a unique background in Biology and Chemistry, holding a B.S. degree from Southern Illinois University of Edwardsville. Mason’s professional journey began at St. Louis College of Pharmacy where he also worked as a pharmacy technician, gaining invaluable experience in both retail and long-term care settings over five years. Since transitioning to sales in 2021, Mason’s expertise in creative problem-solving and effective communication has made him a standout performer in the healthcare industry.

Mason’s true passion lies in making a difference in the lives of both pharmacies and patients. His unwavering motivation is to ensure that they receive an exceptional level of care. Beyond work, Mason is an avid sports enthusiast, passionately cheering for teams like the St. Louis Blues and Cardinals. Additionally, he loves embracing outdoor adventures, whether it’s snowboarding or hiking, bringing him and his goldendoodle, Remy, out to Colorado in 2022.

As an Account Manager, Mason’s dedication to going above and beyond ensures that customers receive stellar service throughout their entire experience. By leveraging his scientific background, sales expertise, and commitment to excellence, Mason is poised to elevate your pharmacy’s success and elevate patient care to new heights.

Courntey BIO

Courtney Heide – Account Manager

Courtney, a Colorado native, brings her expertise as an adept Account Manager to Pharma Source Direct.  She has a strong background in account management, primarily within the telecommunications industry, where she utilized her skills to provide pivotal support as a mentor nurturing the growth and development of her colleagues.

In addition to her professional achievements, Courtney has dedicated over a decade of her career to working with children and adults with disabilities. This experience has provided valuable insights into diverse needs and abilities, reinforcing her commitment to inclusivity and accessibility in all aspects of her work.

Beyond her professional life, Courtney is a passionate adventurer. She finds solace in crafting, as well as seeking serenity in the great outdoors through hiking and paddle-boarding.   Courtney also cherishes quality moments with her beloved Great Dane companion, Ophelia.

At Pharma Source Direct, Courtney and her team share a profound dedication to inclusivity and delivering customized solutions. Clients can confidently anticipate receiving exceptional service that is finely attuned to their unique requirements when collaborating with Courtney.


Matt McGrath – Account Manager

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Kayna BIO

Kayna Skeen – Quality Specialist

Kayna joined the team in July 2023 as an Administrative Assistant and is now the Quality Specialist at Pharma Source Direct. Kayna earned her degree in Political Science from Baylor University with the prestigious distinction of Summa Cum Laude in only three years. Her educational pursuits also encompassed minors in Spanish and Legal Reasoning & Analysis, showcasing her intellectual curiosity and dedication to diverse fields. Prior to her August 2023 graduation, Kayna spent a month in Europe, visiting seven countries whilst studying business administration. She learned about different cultures and people and got to see businesses in action all around the world.

Kayna was born and raised in Colorado and returned to her beautiful home state after graduating from college. She was a member of Alpha Chi Omega fraternity whilst in college and remains connected to the Denver alumna chapter. She was also a member of Pi Sigma Alpha and Alpha Lambda Delta honor societies. In her free time, Kayna spends time with friends and family, her cat Salami, reading, and going to the gym. Some interesting facts about Kayna are that she is allergic to bananas and cannot ride a bike!

Kyle BIO

Kyle Rhodes – Operations Technician

Kyle comes from Lake of the Ozarks, MO and has resided in Denver for over 8 years now. He spent many summers on the water and still loves to slalom ski any chance he can. He attended the University of Missouri – Kansas City and obtained a degree in Spanish. While working towards his degree, Kyle also studied abroad in Xalapa, Mexico and Granada, Spain. Kyle spent 8 years in a manufacturing environment and recently joined the team at Pharma Source Direct as an operations technician.

In his free time, Kyle enjoys playing tennis competitively, camping in the mountains, and traveling the country to see some of his favorite musical artists. During the summer, he loves attending concerts at Red Rocks, discovering new places to eat in downtown Denver, and spending time with friends. In the winter, Kyle enjoys skiing his favorite mountains in Breckenridge, and visiting his family in sunny Florida where he can get plenty of beach time. He also enjoys spending his days off with his English Labrador, Cash who loves swimming, treats, and nap time. Kyle is so excited to be a part of and grow with the Pharma Source team.


Blake Munro – Operations Technician

Blake Munro is a seasoned business professional with a diverse background spanning pharmaceuticals, compliance, technology, and customer service. Born and raised in the small town of Genoa-Kingston, Illinois, Blake’s journey into the world of business began with a solid foundation in Management Information Systems (MIS) at Loras College in Dubuque, Iowa. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in MIS, where his academic pursuits were complemented by hands-on experience through an internship with the Dubuque County IT Department.

During his college years, Blake was an active participant in college athletics. He proudly represented the Loras College Rugby Club, showcasing his commitment to teamwork and leadership. Upon graduating in 2018, Blake made a move westward, settling in Lyons, Colorado. Since, he has established himself in the vibrant community of Denver, where he currently resides with his girlfriend, beloved Australian Shepherd, and his cat, Cruise.

Professionally, Blake has garnered extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry, focusing on compliance and technological integration. His career has been marked by a passion for leveraging technology to enhance operational efficiencies and ensure regulatory adherence within the pharmaceutical sector.

Outside of work, Blake embraces a variety of interests and hobbies. He finds solace in working on cars, enjoying the Cherry Creek State Park’s Dog Off Leash Area, and spending quality time with family. Blake’s excited to be a part of the Pharma Source Direct team and excited for the opportunity to grow and learn within the team.

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