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Our Collaborators

About SpecializedRx

Headquartered in Fridley, MN, SpecializedRx Products, LLC is an FDA registered (FDA Establishment Identifier: 3014383211) pharmaceutical excipient manufacturer and repackager providing innovative products for the pharmacy, pharmaceutical, medical device, and related industries. Since 2013, SpecializedRx has been innovating pharmacy compounding products to help meet the needs of the changing pharmacy practice worldwide.

The SpecializedRx mission is to meet the business needs of our customers for specialized, innovative, high quality, cost effective products that help to change lives by improving healthcare. Personalized customer service, continuous focus on delivering a consistent quality product, attention to detail, and the specialized pharmaceutical and device products offered and continually developed, fundamentally place SpecializedRx in a category on its own.

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Pharma Source Direct is an official distributor of OHAUS products! Receive up to 20% off your OHAUS purchase.


OHAUS has been producing safe, precise, and reliable scales, analytical instruments, and laboratory equipment since Gustav and Karl Ohaus founded the company in 1907. We have evolved alongside the industries we serve, ensuring we not only meet their needs today, but anticipate their needs of tomorrow. This is the OHAUS Advantage – built on the core principles of Trust, Agility, Ingenuity, and Commitment.

More than a Century of Precision and Reliability:
When your work relies on consistent results, you need to trust that your equipment will deliver day after day, project after project. OHAUS has built this trust for more than a century, working with our customers across a global network of 20 countries on six continents. Circumstances, languages, and job specifications vary, but that level of trust never does.

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About the LDN Research Trust

Pharma Source Direct is a proud member of the LDN Research Trust Marketplace

The LDN Research Trust Charity works to raise funds for research trials. The LDN Research Trust has helped over 100,000 people obtain LDN from a General Practitioner or Consultant, either through the National Health Service or by private prescription. The LDN Trust is proud to have helped people not just in the UK, but in countries throughout Europe; as well as the USA, Canada, West Indies, Australia, New Zealand, and beyond.

By raising awareness of LDN and funding clinical trials that will be published for the benefit of the public, The LDN Trust hopes to achieve the ultimate goal for everyone to be prescribed LDN by the NHS and around the world, for all conditions where LDN could be of benefit. The LDN Research Trust is a non-profit Registered Charity, and everyone is a volunteer. Only expenses for the running of the charity will be taken, and these will be at cost.

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