Suspend S267™ Powder II
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Suspend S267™ Powder

Suspend S267™ Powder

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Suspend S267TM Powder

Natural Thickener / Suspension Stabilizer

Suspend S267 is used for its suspending properties where insoluble ingredients need to be suspended in an aqueous matrix or increasing viscosity is desired.  Viscosity and suspending properties can be easily adjusted with the addition of Suspend S267 to find the perfect consistency for your formulation.  Suspend S267 is an all natural thickener that rapidly hydrates in either hot or cold aqueous suspensions, is freeze/thaw as well as shear stable.  Gluten-free.

Suspend S267™ is a free-flowing white to off-white powder formulated from raw materials of strictly natural vegetable origin.  Clear to translucent solution upon dissolution with improved textural properties.  Forms strong thixotropic gels and has a clean flavor.  Wide pH range stable that works best in moderate pH systems.


Store at room temperature of 25˚C (+/- 5)

Store in its original packaging sealed tight, protected from light and moisture.

Safety of Use

For information on the toxicology and safety of this product, please consult the product MSDS.

Solubility at 20˚C

-Ethanol 96˚: Insoluble

-Water: Soluble

– Oils: Insoluble

Use Recommendations

For aqueous and O/W emulsion stabilization, recommended use target of 1-3% (w/w) with or without additional commercial or natural emulsifier.  Viscosity is dependent on use percentage and available aqueous component in formulation.  Homogenization stable.

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